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Rugs not only create a cozy atmosphere in your space but can also brighten (if you choose a lighter color) and bring together your furniture to complete your space. I use the word space because rugs can be used in almost any room, walkway, foyer, etc. 

From my experience, most homes and apartments I’ve seen (and lived in) have either wood, vinyl, or concrete flooring. I like that these floors not only look clean but are also easy to care for. As I started furnishing my home I realized my space looked like a room with a ton of furniture. Yes, it helps that certain pieces are unique, look cool, are one theme, and the list goes on but no matter what I added, the space felt like it was missing something- a rug. 


The more research I did, the more complicated it felt to get a rug. Maybe it’s just me, but there were several things to consider when picking out a rug and I’d say the first question is always about size. The obvious answer would be to get a rug based on the size of your room and while that may be a simple answer, you also need to consider how you want it to fit into your room, how it’s going to tie all your furniture together, and much more. I’m not an expert, but my friends at Revival are so check out their size guide which explains general tips and breaks down rug sizes for different rooms in your home (living room, dining area, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, office).

Color / Material / Pattern

Pick a color that matches your furniture. Maybe your room? Or how about a contrasting color? I’m a fan of lighter colors like cream, white, and beige because they tend to open up the space. My home has dark wood floors so when I added a cream-colored rug, it made the space feel open and bigger. When it comes to materials, I don’t mind more scratchy rugs but I would go with soft ones if I could. The Soloba rug is soft on my feet and really makes the space feel cozy. Patterns on your rug bring character to your space. You can still achieve ”the” look with no-pattern rugs, but having a pattern can support the style, furniture, and overall feel of the room. It also doesn’t have to be the main focus.


The most important question. Rugs are expensive. At least they can be. Prices are based on size and quality (like most things). Depending on what you're looking for and what your budget is will also narrow down options. For me, I prefer to buy something once and use it over a lifetime rather than buying something cheaper 10+ times. 

Honest Thoughts

Although rugs are not a necessity, I consider them a furniture piece worth investing in; especially if you have hard floors. You can roll them up and bring them wherever you move to, they’ll keep your space cozy, affect the mood/feel of your space, and for practicality, they can reduce noise/echoes (if that’s important to you). If you’re in the market or want to build your cart on Revival and just gauge pricing, don’t forget to use my Revival promo code 10OFF-HYUNW for 10% off your rug. 

Forgot to mention, that Revival rugs can also be machine-washed so talk about convenience!

*The links above are affiliate-paid links. As a Revival Partner, I earn commission from qualifying purchases

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