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nic alves

July 23, 2016

Whether you're making a quick trip out of town or hitting up the gym, this look serves both. Staying light and easy, a henley will keep you looking relaxed, but stylishly appropriate. Make sure to take it easy on the colors- anything neutral will do the trick. Throw on a pair of slim chinos to help the subtle, yet solid look. With a good pair of sneakers, like Converse high tops at your feet, you'll be walking in comfort and style. If you're tired of always wearing that analog watch, slap on an athletic band- not only will it tell you the time, but also provide a couple features to up your fitness game.

1. H&M, Cream Henley

2. Hurley, Black Chinos

3. Converse, Chuck Taylor All Star II High Top- Parchment

4. Nike+, Fuelband

5. Golden Pacific, Black Elite Travel Bag

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