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Oversized Graphic Tee

I've been into oversized graphic tees lately. Some will also come distressed, meaning they do'nt exactly look brand new, which add a bit of character to the shirt. You can pair these with jeans, pants, and my favorite, ripped jeans.

I'm 5'9 and wearing a size Medium in these photos. A size Large is still wearable (and obviously more room) too. Watch my unboxing/review videos below to help you get an idea of sizing and quality of these shirts.

FYI, Civil Regime releases collections every month or so, so it's kind difficult to buy styles from previous collections. I've noticed they'll sell whatever is left from previous drops until it all sells out so I'd stay in the loop by signing up for their email list or texts so you know when the next collection drops.


1. Filson Trucker Hat:

2. Civil Regime Reaper V3 American Classic Oversized Tee In Pigment Black (M):

3. Adidas Tennis Shoes:

4. GoPro Hero 8 Black:

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