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December 2, 2016

A well-tailored suit should be a staple item in every man's arsenal. In addition to the standard black, navy and grey, try some burgundy or patterned pieces to branch out beyond the neutral colors. 

1. Topman, Ultra Skinny Suit Jacket in Burgundy

2. Bar III, Slim-fit Solid White Dress Shirt

3. Topman, Skinny Burgundy Trousers

4. Zara, Black Ankle Boots with Buckle

5. Barton Perreira, Banks (48) Eyeglasses in Chestnut

6. DKNY, White Polka Dot Black Tie

7. The Tie Bar, Silver Pinch Clasp Tie Bar 

8. Club Room, White Pocket Square

9. Auren, Hammered Signet Ring with Solid Brass

*Suit comes off slightly violet in photo

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