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July 8, 2016

White tee and jeans- a classic. Most wear the look with a fitted shirt, but it doesn't hurt to loosen up for the Summer. As much as I enjoy skinny jeans, ripped skinny jeans work just as well, if not better. A good pair of brown slim boots completes the look. Most hats will work including baker boy, fedora, baseball caps, and snapbacks (not too crazy, attention stealing designs on the snapbacks). 

1. All Saints, Bronson Fedora

2. Urban Outfitters, White Loose Fitted Pocket T-shirt

3. H&M, Skinny Regular Trashed Jeans

4. Topman, Brown Suede Chelsea Boots

5. Auren, Hammered Signet Ring with Solid Brass

6. Selima Optique, Chad- Auburn Tortoise

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