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Beyond the Clothes with Deandre Moore

san diego, california. besides its many tourist attractions, this place has its gems. you can find some of the best hole in the wall restaurants, breweries and learn the true meaning of beach bum culture. after spending the day in town, i thought i experienced everything san diego had to offer, until i headed over to meet a friend at a cafe a few miles outside of all the madness. pulling up, i spotted him patiently waiting in his car. when he stepped out of the vehicle, i didn't just see my friend coming out of a car. i saw another san diego gem. i saw, iamdeandremoore.

deandre moore

in addition to being a gem, who is iamdeandremoore?

i am a costume designer first. i am a stylist, and i’m just a fashion lover like anybody else! i’m a lover of the arts. i like to say that i’m creative. i’m definitely sophisticated and driven, yet rebellious at the same time. i just love adventures! i love doing anything i guess i’m not supposed to. i follow the rules, but like to bend them at the same time. that’s the best i got.

aside from fashion, any other interests?

i love shopping, but that’s an obvious. i love roaming the internet and looking at different people. i guess that’s how i get most of my style.- just seeing everyone else’s. i love singing as well! i love acting too, even though i don’t really pursue it. and, i like chilling by the beach and having a margarita. it’s always a safe bet. it’s hard to mess up a margarita, but mojitos are good too.

everyone's got a niche. what's yours?

definitely love jackets and coats. i always want it, but then it’s hard because it’s san diego. we don’t really get the opportunities to wear them a lot. i have so many! i have trench coats that i’ve never worn- never had a reason to wear it. jackets and coats are definitely my go to. fall fashion is my favorite season.

most prized possession= jacket??

i bought this coat online. it’s a long bomber coat, very simple. it zips up, it’s half olive green and half black, but i’ve never worn it! it’s weird. i haven’t felt the right occasion. i’m like “where do i wear this to?” i guess it’s so much a prized possession, i haven’t worn it. where’s the right place to break it into? i’ve had it for almost a year now. one day. one day you’ll come to use.

fashion is just the item, but style is the personality behind it

can you paint us a picture of your signature style?

one, i love layers. it’s funny cause i actually did an internship, and she [manager] told me my style was “the model girlfriend’s boyfriend”. and how she explained it to me was very casual, but still sophisticated enough to go somewhere important. and i kind of carry that with me. i love things that you can wear to a meeting, or you can go to a club or bar in. i love things that are a combination of day and night. i love leather jackets, i love ripped jeans, and i also love button ups and flannels.

who are some of your style icons?

love kanye west’s style. he always looks like he’s going somewhere important. even when he’s casual, and going to get coffee, he’s in a button up and 'timberland's. i love him. i’d say my favorite fashion icon, is definitely rihanna, which is different because i’m a guy, but if i can do the male version of her, i’d be a million times happy. she makes everything look stylish. she’s one of those i can throw her in a trash bag, and it doesn’t matter, cause i’m rihanna. so, i look at her a lot and try to think of how i can translate that from a male perspective. or, i just look at kanye’s and follow the most.

you'd definitely wear 'yeezy's wouldn't you?

i'd definitely wear 'yeezy's.

deandre moore

there’s this meme going around comparing people in 'yeezy’s to literally homeless people. thoughts?

i think it’s funny! it’s style, cause fashion is just the item, but style is the personality behind it. it’s how you wear them. you look at kanye, and i don’t think homeless. you know, he makes it look expensive. but if you do put it on someone whose style leans more towards that [homelessness], than it looks more homeless. so, it’s kind of one of those items where, it’s up to you to put that interpretation on it.

for some, fashion is more than just the clothes they wear, but also the products they use. thoughts?

you have to feel nice not only in clothes, but as yourself in general. people don’t put in enough attention, especially guys. for example, when i’m putting on face cream, my brother would look at me like “why are you putting on face cream?” it’s important. you want smooth skin. it’s your palette. it’s the base of everything. without taking care of your skin, your face, etc. it doesn’t allow your clothes to push through. i never understood those guys who never paid attention to lotion. maybe i’m overly critical, but i put lotion on everything, everywhere, before i go. we have the products, why not use them? they were made for a reason. why ignore them?

a label is just a label

on top of skin care products, what else would you recommend people start with?

definitely focus on teeth first. get a good toothpaste and brush your teeth. your smile is so important and that’s how you welcome people. experiment and see what feels good, what works and gives you the best results.

before you go, let us in on deandre moore's do's and don'ts?

do care! that’s number one. when you walk through the door and people see you, before they speak to you, know your personality, your history, how you present yourself is very important. kind of like the resume of life- it’s the way you look. don'ts…. i feel like a lot of people are scared to move in sizes. this is something i learned because i fluctuate in weight a lot, so i feel like people try to stick to a size like “oh, i’m a 32, so i’m always going to wear a 32”. it’s okay to be like “no, i’m getting bigger. i’m a 34.” so, dress for your shape and don’t be afraid of a label, because a label is just a label.

you can follow the fabulous deandre on instagram, twitter and pinterest.

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