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How to Make the Perfect Old Fashioned

Cocktails have been around for over a century. Throughout the years, thousands of new recipes were created, while the classics gracefully aged into standards. Standards, you might recognize like the Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Sazerac, and many more. The classics have stood the test of time and prove to be a worthy and classy drink, so if you're still sipping on that vodka cranberry thinking it's going to impress the cutie in the corner, no. It's time step up your game and learn the ways, of a real cocktail.

But, before you go prancing off not knowing what the hell is in your glass, you should educate yourself. Next thing you know, you'll sound like an expert and increase your chance at impressing that girl by one percent, so listen close. Time to learn how to make one of the most renowned cocktails in the world: the Old Fashioned.

how to make an old fashioned

What you will need:

One glass

One sugar cube

Angostura bitters

Carbonated water

Whiskey (rye or bourbon preferred)

Ice cubes

One orange

Step One: Place one sugar cube in the glass. Add two to three dashes of angostura bitters on the sugar cube.

sugar cube and angostura bitters

Step Two: Muddle the sugar cube until the sugar breaks down. The wet sugar will stick to your muddler, or any tool you use, so leave it in the glass.


Step Three: Add a dash of carbonated water into the glass. Gently stir with the muddler until it becomes foamy.

sparkling water

Step Four: Add two ounces of whiskey. Gently stir until all sugar bits dissolve.

high west double rye whiskey

Step Five: Gently add a few cubes of ice. It's not water or soda. Put some respeck on it.


Step Six: Stir the ice so the ice is going around the inside of the glass.

stirring ice

Step Seven: Peel an orange. Point the face of the peel (outer part) over the drink and gently squeeze to release the natural oils. Place the orange peel in the drink.

Enjoy my friends and good luck.

high west double rye old fashioned

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