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Airport Lounges

We had no idea airport lounges existed until late last year when we began looking into traveling. In order to make travel possible without having to break the bank, we looked towards travel rewards credit cards. In addition to learning about the points and miles game, we also discovered the world of airport lounges. As toph&her incorporates more travel related content, we figured airport lounges would be a great start to this segment.

American Express Centurion Lounge at DFW

What is an airport lounge?

It’s basically a place where you can hang out before boarding your plane. These lounges include food (much better than most airport restaurants), drinks, space to hang out, wifi and some even have showers and free massages. Instead of having to wait hours in front of your gate, you can relax and chill in more private spaces.

Why do people go to airport lounges?

If you get stuck with a long layover or a good amount of time until you board your flight, an airport lounge could be worthwhile- you can pass the time in a more comfortable and private space with access to food, refreshments, wifi, etc. As mentioned earlier, some even have showers so if you’re in the middle of a longer journey you have the option to freshen up before boarding the next leg of your trip.

How do I get access to these lounges?

First and foremost, almost every lounge has different requirements regarding entry. Most lounges will charge a day rate that could range from $25-$50+ whereas others are a bit more restrictive. These lounges will require you to have either:

-An annual membership

-Fly business class or higher with their airline or their partner airline

-Have status with their airline or within the airline alliance

-Have their specific airline credit card that offers lounge access

-Have one of their partner’s specific credit card and be flying their airline or partner airline (ie. American Express Platinum Card)

Delta Sky Club at ATL

How did we get access?

We were able to access three lounges so far with the American Express Platinum travel rewards credit card. This card comes with a wide selection of airport lounge access including a free membership to Priority Pass- a large network of airport lounges around the world, access to the Delta Sky Club when flying any class on Delta Airlines and American Express’ very own Centurion Lounge. On our trip to Dallas we were able to checkout the Delta Sky Club at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) then the Centurion Lounge at Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport (DFW). As a Platinum card holder flying Delta Airlines, we had free access to the Delta Sky Club. For the Centurion Lounge, we were allowed up to two complimentary guests regardless of which airline we were flying.

Is it worth it?

As a non-frequent flyer we still feel it’s worth it. If you travel once or twice a year, paying the entrance fee (even if it’s just once before you head out for your trip) is certainly worth it. For anyone that has plans to travel a bit more, we recommend looking into travel rewards credit cards that include these memberships. At the end of the day, we all want the full experience out of our trips and what better way to get it started than with a nice meal and a drink or two.

For more information on these lounges:

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