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Kanye West: Saint Pablo Tour Merch Review

Yeezy has been killing the game. In addition to his latest album, The Life of Pablo, and lit Saint Pablo concerts, the third season of his clothing line is dropping later this year and the Yeezy Boost sneakers continue to sell out in retail stores all over the world.

Like, damn. I want one.

He's taken over the world. Literally. Okay, not literally, but his success in many markets prove that he's definitely doing something right. Especially with his tour merch.

Check it.

After a dope performance at 'The Forum' on Wednesday, I was able to cop some merch...for a pretty penny.

saint pablo wolves cream hoodie

There were several hoodies available at the tents. They were all the same in design and came in two colors: black with white writing and cream with red writing. original goal was to cop the black sweater with the Saint Pablo circle logo in the middle of the chest, but these were my only options. On the bright side, all the merch seemed somewhat exclusive. Doing some research, most had "Saint Pablo" written on them, but the merch available that day had "Saint Pablo Wolves." Not sure if this is a new thing he's starting, or just switching it up for us L.A folks. either way, I'm cool with it.

saint pablo wolves cream hoodie

I normally am a medium, but have been wearing large lately because I've been digging the loose, oversized feel. But, I had to jump up to an extra large for this sweater to get that same feel, so these hoodies run a little small. For pricing, I expected to pay $115 for the sweater, but they sold for $90, so I can't complain.

Second item.

I purchased the much hyped, Kim K. long sleeve. As far as all the other designs, this one stood out.

saint pablo: kim k. black long sleeve

The sleeves are clean and have designs on the front and back. On the back, "Tour" is written in red and underneath is a picture of Kim K. playing tennis with Jasmine Sanders. The front keeps it simple with "Saint Pablo" in red.

saint pablo: kim k. black long sleeve

The sizing for the shirt was not bad. For a fitted look, a medium would have sufficed, but I copped a large and it fits just right. I paid a good $65 for this shirt.

Both were made with Gildan clothing. I know... but, instead of complaining at the quality of the merch, it was the whole experience that made it worth it. The concert was killer. Good vibes, booze, the bass was insane and everyone was showing support by sporting his merch. It was a good time and I highly recommend going to see his show. and copping a shirt. Or two..

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