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Goods at the Melrose Trading Post


Thrifting can be deterring because the word "used" comes to mind. Why spend money on something that's been used? Why should I buy a shirt somebody wore? Ew. If that's your argument, I totally understand. Thrifting is not for everyone. But, for those on the fence about it, let it be known, that there are still treasures you can find when thrifting. One popular spot is at the Melrose Trading Post, located on Melrose and Fairfax in LA.

handmade necklaces

This market is held every Sunday from nine in the morning to five in the evening.

There are lots of unique goods you can cop from tons of vendors. You can find everything from clothing to bath soap to comics, trinkets, furniture and more.

vintage comic books

If you're not a fan of "used" items, there are also vendors that make homemade goods and that you can't find anywhere else. These include: furniture, rugs, jewelry, soap, and even artificially aged rock tees that will cost you an arm and a leg. (arm & leg= $150).

megadeth vintage tee

You'll find lots hip clothing and unique items for decent prices. Except for vendors that sell vintage rock tees for an arm and a leg.

book clocks
dad hats with logo

Real talk: If you're smart about shopping, you'll be able to navigate through this crowd and get what you want at the prices you want. Although this is still considered "thrifting", you'll encounter vendors that sell beyond retail prices, so keep and eye out, mates.

Overall, this market can be pretty chill. Good vibes and a fun place to even just walk around and browse. Now that I think about, this place is like a physical version of an Etsy.

Lastly, there's a three dollar admission fee to get into the market. Enjoy.

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