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DIY. Fear of God Style Distressed T-Shirt. Step by Step.

the hype is real. through kanye's yeezy line to one of the most upcoming influential brands, fear of god (f.o.g), we are slowly all going to be consumed by this style. everyone is going to catch the hype.

okay, that was a bit exaggerated. maybe not everyone, but a good number of us will or already have. for those not up to date with the trends, the distressed band tees are in. specifically older groups like metallica, guns n' roses, iron maiden, and several more. brands like f.o.g are famous for its vintage distressed band tees, but they cost a pretty penny. luckily, there's hope. for those ballin on a budget, you can still get the perfect distressed tee for about $20 or less.

after watching youtuber, neemzzz's tutorial, i decided to give it a go. here's my step by step trial of creating the vintage-y f.o.g inspired distressed tee.

step one. i used a folded paper to mark where i was going to cut on the sleeve. the goal was to get the sleeve to stick off the shoulder. like, flaring out.

step two. step one was unsuccessful, so i adjusted my direction of cut, and cut again.

end result of both sleeves.

step three. the goal is to create an uneven look. the bottom of the back side of the shirt should be longer than the front. i cut five inches in on both sides, then cut across to get the look.

end result of step three. it helps to moderately stretch out the areas you cut so the fabric loosens up.

step four. loosen the collar. you're supposed to break/loosen the collar by pulling along the collar thread with moderate to gentle strength. you should hear the thread snap. my hercules strength pulled too much, so it did not turn out exactly as i wanted, but it's okay. i'm not mad or anything...

step five. the goal is to achieve the vintage-y look with the print. sand paper. lightly rub across the print, but be careful not to rub too much or with too much strength, or else, you'll rip a hole in your precious shirt... like me. but, i'm not mad or anything...

(sweet baby jesus was looking out for ya boy. the hole i made from the sand paper just happened to be right where the nose hole is, so not too visible)

final result fam.

overall, the journey was a little different than i expected, but i persevered, because i invested twenty dollars and four days of shipping in this shirt. it is still worthy of wearing and close to the tutorial. i think.

if you guys want to attempt this impossible trial and go out a get a shirt on hot topic's website, be aware of the size chart. lies. i'm a pretty slim guy, but their medium fit like an extra small. this shirt is a large. their sizes seem to run small.

anyways, thanks for the read and good luck friends.

topher park

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