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Easy Furniture

nic alves

Ikea is a popular choice when it comes to shopping for furniture. Prices are low, easy to assemble and most importantly, they have appealing aesthetics. But, we've all been in that situation where you've stepped into another home and immediately recognized that one furniture you saw at the store last week. As cool as it may look, the unspoken value of it drops when you know many more people have the same piece. So, to avoid these heartbreaking moments, we met up with Nic to let us in on his take on furniture and how to stay original.

I refuse to pay retail for any furniture. I'd rather make it or find it. You get a better attachment to something you made. You can talk about it- it's a good conversation starter. Someone's like "Oh, I like that chair. Well, I actually made it. Like woah" more than like "I bought it..." It shows your creativity and style a lot more. And you can translate that into fashion. If someone's like "Dope shirt. You made that?" They're going to respond to that way more than if it's "I bought this at some generic store."

The scoop on Nic's pieces.


(photos courtesy of lord_nic)

The base of this night stand is based on a very famous chair [Eames]. I really liked the legs on the chair. And the top, I wanted something very basic, like a cubbie. I didn't want something with shelving or drawers, cause it gets in the way. I wanted something I can put my stuff on and forget about it. Simple. It's just a box. A lot of furniture nowadays has a lot of bells and whistles, and it's not easy to move.

eames chair

All the furniture I have is all based on things that are easy to move. So, I can take this top, and take the legs off the base, and it will fit in the trunk of my car. I can take this whole chair apart piece by piece and it’ll fit in my car. My shoe bench, I can take the legs off, unscrew them and it’ll fit in my car. You can’t do that with a lot of furniture nowadays. You buy it pre assembled or once you assemble it, it’s really hard to take apart. Ease. Ease and things that I like. That’s how I build stuff.

shoe bench

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