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The Art of Simplicity, with Jenn Garcia

s fall swings into full effect, daylight is becoming shorter. With limited sun and cool weather all around, people are taking advantage of the gracious combination. Streets are flooded with life: live music, fresh fruits, homemade goods, it's all there. Every part of town hosts its own unique function, and luckily for me, I got to spend my Saturday morning engulfed in the festivities at the arts district in LA.

Good vibes were everywhere. So good I even purchased a coffee body scrub (No Tox Life). I never purchase body scrubs, but I did. And I freaking love it. The day was going really well and life was on a good level, until it changed a great level. The Arts District not only had special soap, but on that day, there was also someone special roaming the streets of the market. It was Jenn Garcia, also known as jennneg.

jenn garcia

You're a dancer, a model and you work with children. I honestly don't know if it's possible for your resume to get any better.

There’s little things that people don’t know, like I’m a black belt in martial arts. I was in martial arts for eight years. I started dance doing Folklorico, you know the Mexican dancing. I did that. Maybe a lot of people don’t know that about me!

Do you still practice martial arts?

I don’t, but I can still defend myself if somebody tried to come at me.

(folks, for your own safety, do not come at her)

It seems you're not only a black belt in martial arts, but also in style. How would you describe your signature?

Anything simple. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. That’s what I’ve always believed in. I’m always like a jeans person and plain stuff. I think it’s about how you wear it and how you present yourself. The confidence behind it- you don’t have to wear something that’s bold to be like “Oh my God, that’s so fashionable." Sometimes, it could be simple, and it looks good and chic, you know?

How has your style evolved the last several years to get where it is today?

I think it got a little classier. I guess you could say that. I like American Apparel. That’s one of my favorite brands. I like the body suits. They’re still simple, but a little bit sexier, but sometimes classier.

simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

If we backtrack years before sexier and classier became a part of your style, what would we see?

When I was younger, I didn’t grow up with a lot of money, so anytime we would go school shopping, I would always pick the plain things. like, “I need to have a pair of jeans, because I could wear them all the time" or "I need to have black and white shirts because I can wear them all the time," so, I didn’t have the luxury of exploring all the different clothes my friends could. I grew up very simple, but I made it work. They were like “Oh my God Jenn, I like what you’re wearing" and I’m like "I'm wearing jeans, 'Converse' and a shirt." I guess it’s how you wear it and how you present yourself. That’s kind of my style. I’ve never been the bold- the I’m going to wear red shoes and hat and all that stuff. Just very simple.

Even then, you made it work. but come on, cut us some slack! you had to have slipped up at least once?

Okay, so I would wear 'Converse', but everyday I would change the laces to green, and then I would wear a green shirt under. I would have a v-neck and a green shirt under, so you could still see it matching. I had a tank top, the color of my laces, with a v-neck over, but you could still see the little square with color. And I would do that for purple, for red, for green. Then the rubber bands on your jeans? I did that. I put shoe laces in my hair, to make it like a band… I have a lot of regrets. But, that’s just how it was. Back then, people were like “You look so cool Jenn!” Nobody would say that now.

jenn garcia

You have more don't you?!

I wore a sweater dress. I wore 'Vans' boots. They were literally big boots that were 'Vans'. I wish I never wore those. Don’t tell my mom, she bought them… I have a lot of fashion regrets. Maybe I still will, later on. You look back and you’re kind of like “That’s kind of weird,” but whatever. Scrunched hair- I would put gel and grease. Did you see the girls with that? It’s all crispy, like you could break it off. I did that! There’s a lot of them...

You're definitely not alone when it comes to fashion regrets? Besides regretful outfits, are there any items you regret?

I regret a lot of heels. But at the time when you’re wearing them, looking at them, you’re like “Hell yeah!” and then you take them home and find out they don’t go with any of my outfits. There are these heels that I bought and I wore them once. They’re just sitting there. Never wearing them again... and I wish that was the case for just those heels, but at least six pairs. They’re very specific. I was wearing this gold dress and I had to get some shimmery heels. When am I ever going to wear those again? But, I keep them anyways, because if I needed to wear something like that again and I knew I didn't have them, I would be so mad! So, I tend to keep things. I’m a hoarder. I’ll keep all my clothes too, because if I need it and I knew I threw it away, I would be so mad! Keep your stuff, if you have the room.

i grew up very simple, but i made it work

It's good to have an arsenal of clothes, shoes, accessories, etc, but out of that, we all have a prized possession. yours?

My lashes collection. I love my lashes! I think I’m really into the makeup “thing” so I’m always looking for the perfect lashes to fit my face. It’s the first thing that people really see, your eyes and your face overall, so it’s very important to me.

We know you have a keen eye for a variety of good outfits all the way to makeup. So now, the big question is, how do you do your shopping?

I have to be there in person. Because, when things come and they don’t fit right, I’m like "I’ve seen it and it looked so good on the internet, but it doesn’t look good on me!" It’s all about the fit. Especially jeans. I’m a big jeans person. I have favorite jeans from different places that make your body look nice! You know what I mean? So, yeah, I definitely have to try it on.

I'm guessing 'American Apparel'?

...yeah...I wear them so much! I need to buy more!

You can follow Jenn's simplicity, on Instagram and Twitter.

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