Boots Boots Boots

brown boots, skinny boots, tall boots, you get the point. boots have always been around us, yet most of us have kept them out of our wardrobe for years, but that doesn't mean it's too late to start! going through a boots craze the last couple years, i acquired more boots than i should have, but i realized each style serves a different purpose, so, jokes on you world. with endless styles on the market, i narrowed down a few of my favorites that are not only trendy, but also practical and comfortable to wear.

topman, brown chelsea boots, $150

chelsea boots are taking over the men's fashion scene. though it has been more popular amongst women, it is finally getting the recognition it deserves from us gentlemen. among the popular black and brown colors, i would stick with suede brown for everyday wear. its casual color maintains a stylish vibe and easily compliments many outfits without stealing the show. these boots are great with skinny jeans (actually recommend them with skinny jeans), easy to slip on and can be worn for many occasions. whether you're out running errands or hitting up the bars, you can never go wrong with a pair of these bad boys.

steve madden, troopah- brown leather, $100

the red wings (10875) and steve maddens (troopah) are similar boots. they are both large with sturdy looks, except one's purely for looks and the other is for actual work. the troopah's look like it's been through years of work and aged naturally into this stylish shoe, without actually going through any of it. the zippers on the outside inside of the boot provides easy access into the shoe and the long laces, meant to wrap around the ankle, secure a firm fit, but not too tight. sometimes i'll tie it all the way up to the last shoelace hole and create more of a military-ish look, but like i said, only sometimes. the boot is comfortable on the inside, but requires a few wears to break in. this pair fits well with skinny jeans, but i recommend slim, for the loose enough fit to get more of a rugged look. please, i said slim- that doesn't mean substitute for dad jeans. throw on a pattern flannel and everyone is going to think you're a hipster. or just a stylish dude. either way, it works.

below: (red wing shoes, 10875 6-inch boot, $250)

the red wings serve almost the same purpose as the troopahs, but are legitimately great for practical use. walking through mud? no problem. red wings. work in construction? no problem. red wings. hipster in need of boots? red wings. these boots are basically everything you want in a boot. however, they do take a little more wear to break em' in (at least for me). the price can be a repellent, but if you're looking for a boot with practical use and also want to look cool doing whatever it is you do, i recommend these. lastly, these boots are heavier than most boots, so if you've been skipping leg day at the gym, no problem. red wings.