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A World of Minimalism with Alivia Latimer

hump day. two days in, but still two days out. nothing special- just a regular day with regular people in a regular world. i was at a another coffee shop (surprising) on a quiet wednesday evening. like every other, it was the same- computers, notebooks, books books, small chatter, you get it. except, i was sitting on a table on the second floor, overlooking the first. being able to see the entire coffee shop from above was a new cafe experience, which made my regular wednesday a little less regular.

sitting in a cafe in santa clarita, california, i didn't expect much to happen, let alone, anything to happen (still love you though). with my attention locked in on my computer screen, sound became a blobbish blur. i was in my own world, until i heard a particular voice- a voice of youth; a voice of big dreams and adventure; a voice that lifted everyone's spirit when it entered the room. looking over the ledge, it was illuminating to discover that santa clarita did have something special. more so, someone, special. in a world of regular, i spotted someone who wasn't. she, is alivialatimer.

alivia latimer

besides being a fashionable icon, how would you describe yourself?

i am just a trendy teen, except i’m not a teen anymore. i keep forgetting, i just had a birthday. i’m twenty now! i am a lifestyle photographer, based in los angeles, california, as of now, and i also own a company that connects influencers to brands on social media. so, i guess between photography and entrepreneurship, that is me!

you're a very busy woman, but when you're not behind the lens, what can we catch you doing?

if i’m not working, like taking photos for work, i’m taking photos for fun, or i’m traveling, going on as many road trips as i can. or, hanging out with friends at coffee shops or just hanging out with friends in general. i like going to restaurants. that’s a fun time.

good times with friends are always the best. especially when you go out with them, and if you're going out, you know what that means- looking gucci, keeping it one hundred, etc. care to fill us in on the alivia latimer signature style?

my go-to, currently this season, are birkenstocks and socks. i really like it. i’m wearing them right now! i love patterned socks and wearing them with sandals because no one does it and everyone thinks it’s weird. but, i think it’s cool. i just love any sort of cool pieces i can find at thrift stores that people can’t get elsewhere. i love when someone’s like “where did you get that?” and i’m like, “i got it at a thrift store!” it’s like, i can’t be copied in a sense. i love old denim. i like overalls. i’ve worn overalls a lot this summer. that’s been like my go-to kind of thing, and hats. i am most likely, always wearing a hat. i like the wide brimmed, fedora style hats. i love them so much. it’s literally become my style without me realizing it. i met someone last week and the first thing he said to me was “are you always wearing that hat?” i was like, “well...yes, yes i am!”

you have unique pieces to your look that i just cannot get enough of. were there any specific style influences that helped you create this look?

i love nature, and i love being outdoors and being vegan. i’m sort of like an earth-loving, nature freak. so, that alone inspires me in terms of tones and colors. i love earth tones, that’s like all i own. with that, i like being eco friendly, so i like shopping at thrift shops pretty exclusively and being more eco friendly in that way. through my love for the outdoors plus my personality, i was able to form a little style that is unique to me.

it's like i can't be copied

you love the outdoors and to travel. most people (just me) have a hard time packing for trips because they want to take everything, but can't, so compromises are made for space. do you have the same struggle?

i think too many clothes is not ideal for picking out outfits- it’s a lot harder if you have more to choose from and takes up more space. then it’s harder to pack for traveling. i’ve been minimizing my closet space for a while now, cause i’m very passionate about minimalism, so i do not own a lot of clothes. everything i own can hang up in a very small space in my closet. i would like to live in a world where, if i had to pick up everything and take it with me on a road trip, i could. i would love to road trip out of my car and live out of my car for a certain period of time and to be able to take everything with me. that would be awesome.

downsizing is not a bad idea. especially if it makes selecting outfits easier and honing in on a specific style. your fashion forward look says it all, but you have to let us in on your humble beginnings!

when i was younger, which most people don’t know this, for like five years of my lifetime, i only wore boy’s clothing. i refused to wear girl’s clothing at all. i didn’t want to touch it, i didn’t want to wear pink, dresses, anything. so, i would only shop in the boy’s section and wear basketball shorts and t-shirts. that was not the most fashionable phase of my life. and then, i really didn’t start honing in on my style until, honestly, this year. the beginning of this year, i realized, this is who i am. this is who i want to be. this is how i can portray myself.

alivia latimer

ooo, this'll really portray your style. you’re stuck on an island for the rest of your life, which means, you have to wear the same look the rest of your life. what three pieces of clothing would you want to have (excluding undergarments)?

i’d still have to say my birkenstocks. i need my shoes! a sweater, one hundred percent. i always have to have a sweater… i’m thinking overalls, but the ones that are pants, so i can roll them up to make them shorts. but then, i can roll them down at night for when it gets cold! i know you only said three, but do i still get to bring my hat?

plot twist: you randomly find your hat on the island already there. ayeee!

you certainly know your must-haves, but what do you think is a must-have item for other gals?

this isn’t a clothing item, but every girl should have a good bag or something that goes with your entire style. so many girls are switching purses and bags constantly based on what they’re wearing and that’s so stupid! every girl should have one bag that works for everything. it‘ll make life a lot simpler. i have this little backpack and that’s what i bring with me on a day-to-day basis. it matches with anything i wear, unless i wear too much green, then i’m like “oh no i have a green backpack and a green shirt!”

this is who i am, this is who i want to be

you've enlightened us on hats, utilizing closet space and so much more! before we go, any advice to those wanting to improve or take their style in a new direction?

this actually happens to me quite often! i usually tell people to just search within themselves… no (got 'em!)! i tell people to first, figure out what colors they’re drawn to, because that helps me so much defining my style. what things make them happy. visually, what do they like whether it be interior design or outdoors clothing style? it’s based off of someone’s personality. i love giving people advice in that sense, being like follow your dreams. take a step back and look at your personality and don’t follow any fashion trends, and truly purchase and wear what makes you happy. what you feel confident in. from there on out, you’re style and aesthetic will form from there.

you can follow the lovely alivia, on instagram, twitter and youtube.

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